Start your Industry 4.0 Journey with RS Industria

Unlock the value of your Manufacturing Asset Data

RS Industria is a new cloud-based IIoT data-collection & reporting service that simplifies the connection of existing sources of manufacturing asset data, such as vibration sensors, PLCs, SCADA systems & utility meters.

Factories are full of data, but much of it is unused. Our simple three-stage process captures and integrates this data into a single point of condition monitoring insight, complete with asset health alerts.

Start Simple, Grow Smart

RS Industria is a modular system that enables a low-cost, low-risk modular approach to implementing IIoT, ensuring each phase can be technically checked and value-tested before proceeding to the next implementation – putting you in control.

The system is simple to set up and quickly creates benefits by following our ‘Connect’, ‘Monitor’ & ‘Improve’ process:

Three Simple Steps

We simplify the complex with our three-step process to getting your assets connected and delivering the benefits of greater asset understanding, real-time alerts and predictive analytics – all combined with the real-world, hands-on experience of our automation engineers and reliability specialists.

Reduce Maintenance

Unplanned failure can cost ten times more than Predictive Maintenance*​, so gain control with condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. RS Industria’s continuous monitoring of asset health can help you move your maintenance strategy from reactive to predictive – reducing maintenance costs and improving uptime.

* ‘Using Integrated Control and Asset Management to Optimize Maintenance and Reliability’ – published in 26/11/14​

Avoid Downtime with Alerts

Early warning of problems is key to maintaining productive assets and avoiding sudden failures. RS Industria enables users to set rules to monitor key parameters which, when reaching specified limits, trigger automatic alerts – sent out by email, SMS or directly to the RS Industria mobile app.

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