RS Industria creates a single point of real-time asset operating information: on desktop, tablet or mobile.

View Overall Performance

Gain a complete overview of a site, location or production line in a single glance.

Assess trends of key operational parameters such as Availability and Energy Consumption, and quickly identify any urgent condition-monitoring alerts

Identify Losses

Asset-level charts can display process control data such as short-stops or other interruptions to the running of a line, enabling identification and comparison of the causes of losses.

A Single Point of Insight

RS Industria creates a single consolidated view of your assets, ensuring everyone is working from the same accurate information – there is no limit to the number of users within a site, all of whom can access the same data via desktop, tablet or our mobile app. We can connect existing sensors & monitoring systems and incorporate their data into our dashboards.

Asset Health Alerts

Alerts can be created for any asset, which trigger when key variables are not within specified limits. These alerts can be based on numerically-defined limits or statistically-based parameters such as standard deviations.

Create Custom Charts

Powerful data studio enables the creation of custom charts & graphs able to display and compare multiple assets and variables

Mobile App

Manage alerts and view live asset data on the shop floor, right where you need it.

Learn More

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