Lubrication Services

Mismanagement of lubrication is a common root cause of asset failure. RS lubrication services keep your machines moving, reducing wear, waste and contamination.

Industrial Lubrication Expertise

Implementing best practice lubrication and oil condition monitoring can significantly increase the lifespan and performance of assets, so it pays to keep on top of these precision maintenance tasks.

This is where we come in. Our lubrication products and services and oil condition monitoring solutions have been designed to get the most from your plant, from the identification of the right lubricant and its application at the right point and time, through to certified lab analysis to determine wear, chemistry, and contamination.

Poor or inadequate lubrication is the primary cause of 70% of industrial equipment wear and failure.

State of the Lubrication Nation, Ken Bannister, 2014

Design & Supply

Working with our supply partner, Rocol, we can audit and help optimise your existing industrial lubrication programme.

Hygienic Lubrication Management

Hygienic storage and transport are key to eliminating failures caused by contamination. We help you fit out stores with the right lubrication solutions to reduce risks.

Managed Lubrication Services

We work with you on a tailored lubrication solutions strategy, applying the right lubricant, at the right time and quantity, to keep your assets running smoothly.

Oil Condition Monitoring

Our onsite lab keeps even ageing assets on the move with analysis of oils, greases, and coolants to ASTM and ISO standards to determine wear, chemistry, and contamination.

Lubrication Solutions for Better Performance

Robust industrial lubrication and oil condition monitoring programmes are key to machine health and asset management. 

Lubrication solutions from RS draw on decades of experience in the development and application of lubrication products and services underpinned by best practice, data-driven laboratory expertise, and the very latest in digital technologies.

We help you identify the right lubrication strategy for your business to improve machine health and lifespan, reducing failure and unnecessary downtime.

Keeping Customer Assets Flowing

From oil condition monitoring to the implementation of industrial lubrication systems management programmes, discover how RS Maintenance Solutions can make a difference to your productivity.

Learn More About Lubrication

Whatever your sector and end market, we have a complete industrial lubrication offering to meet your needs. Download our guide now.