A complete packaged service that connects your assets to our cloud reporting and management platform – quickly and easily.

Simplifying the Complex

Factories are full of data – often buried within PLCs and process control networks, only some of it is used to run the production assets. The rest is a potentially valuable resource that can be harvested to gain insight in asset health, raise condition alerts and illuminate problem solving: enabling ‘Intelligent Maintenance’.

Connecting these disparate networks often requires expertise, particularly where different data networks, data collection devices and data protocols (such as OPC-UA, MODBUS, PROFINET etc.) are involved.

We Connect & Integrate these data sources:

Process Control

Directly capture data from PLCs, including tags, text messages and short-stop codes


Upload relevant data from existing HMI & SCADA systems

Existing Sensors

Integrate with existing sensor systems such as VA (Vibration Analysis)

Isolated Equipment

Connect isolated assets such as robotic arms that have inverter drives

Utility Meters

Capture usage data from Electricity, Gas and Water meters

Wireless Sensors

Connect wireless sensor systems

Edge Gateway

Our Edge Gateway has custom-designed software with enhanced security features which are regularly updated.

Expertise & Experience

Our connectivity team of experienced automation and network engineers help customers identify the relevant networks and assets, and then connect them to our Edge Gateways: there are six key steps

Criticality Review

Working together, we identify your most critical assets and help define the right maintenance strategy for each: predictive, planned or run-to-failure

Failure Modes

Our experts are able to determine the likely modes of failure for the relevant assets and which variables should be monitored to provide early warning

Solution Design

Selecting the right monitoring technologies is crucial and is based on a number of factors: the assets to monitor, their leading indicators of failure and the parameters to measure

Technology Integration

The best monitoring solutions often involve different technologies and RS Industria integrates various sources into a single point of information

Hardware Installation

Our Edge Gateways are virtually ‘Plug ’n’ Play’, enabling self-install in most cases. Where the situation is more complex, we provide responsive technical support

Connection & Configuration

Once connected to our Edge Gateways, our team will fully configure the cloud-based monitoring system


Our Edge Gateways have been custom developed to ensure they are highly secure, preventing any attempt to access the onsite network and download malware. The Edge Gateways have been penetration tested by an independent specialist company and the certification and results are available for inspection by your cyber-security team.

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